Business opportunities for sustainable eel production.

The last years we’ve taken great steps towards realizing our dream to become a profitable company that can produce glass eel in aquaculture to serve the eel market and so contribute to protection of wild European eel. Until now, the advances at Glasaal Volendam B.V. are in accordance with the initials projections made in 2011. Most of the progress was enabled by funds that were collected in 2011. Glasaal Volendam’s first investments were supplied by mostly local entrepreneurs, but also individuals and a subsidy from the Dutch Government. Initial investments added up to a total of 1,9 million euro and enabled Glasaal Volendam B.V. to realize its research facility including equipments, fish tanks and put together a highly-educated staff.

The next step towards the realization of a steady glass-eel production was to achieve a continuous supply of good quality larvae to allow the acceleration of research. This process consumed time and money for research, maintaining the facility, equipment and our team of aquaculture scientists. Funds were provided by a second emission of shares yielding another €320,000.

Completing the final steps towards production of glass eel will require even more research though. To this end, we expect to require another €1,300,000 until 2022.

Businessplan 2016-2025

We aim to rear our first glass-eel in 2022. In the years following that milestone, Glasaal Volendam B.V. will scale up and start generating profits. Once the life-cycle of European eel is closed, Glasaal Volendam B.V. will build a large-scale eel hatchery that will immediately generate a stable cash-flow.

The board of Glasaal Volendam B.V. is would like to get in touch with substantial parties who, like Glasaal Volendam B.V., believe in protecting wild European eel and establishing a new business. When you are (a representative of) such a party, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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