About us

Volendam Glasaal BV is a collaboration between Volendam entrepreneurs and scientists from Leiden and it concerns itself with the reproduction of eel.

In the last few years these scientists, associated with Leiden University and represented in the firm New Catch BV, have made great strides towards sustainable eel reproduction. The science facility at the Leiden University, however, has proved too small for the necessary next step. After 4 years of discussion, research and negotiation Volendam entrepreneurs have combined efforts and founded Volendam Glasaal BV.

This means that Volendam Glasaal BV own the exclusive rights to these scientists’ reproduction technique for the reproduction of the European eel. New Catch BV has sublicensed Volendam Glasaal to use all the licenses and exclusive rights acquired from the Leiden University.

In the next few years lies a unique chance for Volendam to reproduce the European eel on a global scale. This will happen under the watchful eye of the world as this has here before never been accomplished.