Rebuilding of eel breeding facility well underway

mei 2nd, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

After years of stagnation Volendam is in motion. In modern premises they are working night and day at the new breeding facility at the Morseweg. From July onwards scientists will be working here at a project that began under the name of Innofisk but has meanwhile been changed into Volendam Glasaal BV.


‘The building needs to meet the needs of a scientific facility,’ according to Hein Schilder, one of the board members of Volendam Glasaal and responsible for building and purchasing. ‘This means that we need to create circumstances in which we can experiment in various different settings.’ In this of course hygiene plays an important factor, but so does temperature and light,’ Schilder continues.


‘Luckily we can use the knowledge and experience we received in Leiden. Besides, contractors from Volendam are hard working and eager to build which means that we can move fast. Our aim is to have our new facility finished at the end of July. By then we want to be operational.


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