Relocation laboratory

July 10th, 2020 Posted by Geen categorie @en No Comment yet

Nowadays, the laboratory of Glasaal is located at Morseweg 7 in Volendam. On this location there have been many breakthroughs in the investigation, however the time has come to take a new direction. This hale restart will open new possibilities, aspirations and hopefully it will bring advancement in the investigation as well.

Before September 1st, the laboratory will be moved to Nijverheidsstraat 5U in Edam. This new location has a floor-area of 500 square meters, twice the size of our current location. This will result in a higher capacity for the investigation.

New possibilities

Regarding the food experiments, the new location is a huge improvement. Before, this phase of the investigation was a bit of a complication because of the lack of capacity. To give you an example, the following: in the current laboratory we had the possibility to examine three different kinds of food on the larvae and it took at least a month before any results came in.

Now, in the new laboratory it is possible to examine six kinds of food on the larvae and it will only take two weeks until the results will come in. A duplication of capacity. Furthermore, Glasaal will be able to keep more larvae and also keep them in a better way.

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