Major interest for information sessions Volendam Glasaal

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On April 26th and May 24th respectively the first and second information sessions for interested people were organized. Volendam Glasaal BV has officially started; the rebuilding of the eel research facility is steadily progressing and will be finished at the end of July. There is still a chance for companies and entrepreneurs who are interested to join the project.


Hotel Spaander was the setting for the newly installed management and the scientists from Leiden University to share their story. Their ambition was clear: to establish successful reproduction of eel within the next few years. This will have to happen in the breeding facility on the Morseweg in Volendam. Scientists have been at this for years and have come to the important final step:  nutrition.

During the information session they explained the current state of affairs and the obstacles and opportunities in the near future. Of course the patent, the progress of the research and the prognoses for the company were extensively discussed.

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