Vacature Aquaculture Technician

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Bent u iemand met aquacultuur ervaring? Neem dan een kijkje naar onze vacature. Kent u mensen met aquacultuur ervaring? Wijst u ze dan op de (Engelstalige) vacature!

Aquaculture Technician at Eel Hatchery Glasaal Volendam

Could this be your dream job?

Do you want to provide the foundation for a disruptive innovation in aquaculture? Do you like to work in a research setting? Check out this job description.

To provide a stable foundation for research

In your role as aquaculture technician your purpose is to support our researchers. You’ll have the responsibility to provide a hygienic and reliable facility. With maintenance tasks and checks on eel and husbandry systems, you support our team of researchers. You keep the fish in a healthy, low-stress environment, by taking care of water quality and biofilter functions.

Quality over quantity

You will be working in a small team of five employees (including yourself) of different nationalities, communicating in English. It’s an adaptive environment where methods are being perfected continuously. It is our belief that quality of work leads to consistency of results, allowing us to take sound conclusions. Last but not least: you’re working with live animals, so it goes without saying that you’ll also be working outside the regular working hours.

Your responsibilities include

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our fish:
o Preparing systems for stocking with fish (or eggs)
o Measuring and reporting water quality parameters
o Maintaining sensory equipment
o Managing filtration systems
o Identifying and reporting/repairing faults in pumps, plumbing, water flow and air supply
o Assisting with fish transfers and grading
o Checking the function of life-support systems

Supporting our researchers
o by collecting data and/or samples at set times
o by executing experimental protocols accurately
You’ll be taking part in the alarm shift and weekend (feeding) shifts routine.

Are you up for it?

We’re looking for someone with the following qualifications:

o BSc degree in the field of aquaculture
o Practical experience with recirculation systems
o Having basic technical skills to repair and maintain aquaculture equipment
o Being able to communicate in English
o A flexible attitude related to working hours and planning.
o Competence requirements Article 13f (Law on Laboratory Animals) are preferred
o You’ll live in the vicinity of the facility: within a circle of 15 minutes travel

What to expect from us?

o We’ll provide the opportunity to contribute to research on the edge of knowledge
o We’ll provide a unique environment to gain experience in the hatchery technique
o We’ll teach you the tricks of the trade (but you’ll have to promise us not to teach others)

We are doing the impossible

We’re an eel hatchery in the making, situated in a modestly-sized aquaculture research facility in Edam. We’re developing the technique to produce glass eel on a commercial scale, a challenge in the field of aquaculture. Hatchery-production of European glass eel (Anguilla anguilla) is something that – so far – has never been done. We are a private company, supported by local and international investors. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in the culture of eel larvae, we want to expand our personnel to optimize husbandry conditions and feeding regimes in order to reach the glass eel stage in the coming years.

The initial contract will be one year with 2-months probation. Starting date: no later than 1st of August 2022, starting earlier is possible. We intent to extend the contract when the results are satisfactory. We offer a competitive salary, depending on experience.

Send applications with CV to before June 17th.

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