Our goal.

Healthy eel stock, return of a Dutch delicacy, fascinating species with a rich cultural value.

Glasaal Volendam B.V. aims for commercial reproduction of glass eel in aquaculture.


ICES North Sea glass eel recruitment index

The problem

Current eel farming depends on the supply of wild glass eel (young eel), these glass eels are caught in European coastal waters and reared for human consumption. A part of the glass eel is returned in the European inland waters to support the wild eel stock. However, the eel is currently an endangered species due to obstacles in their migration routes, decreases in habitats, pollution, diseases and overfishing. The wild eel stocks in the Netherlands have decreased with 95% over the last fifty years. The number of young eels that enter the freshwater is currently only as small percentage of the amount back in the days, according to research done by ICES, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. The European eel is classified as “critically endangered” by the Red List of the IUCN, the international union for nature protection.

Dupan (Dutch non-profit foundation for a sustainable eel industry) and the Eel Stewardship Fund have been established to initiate and finance activities which contribute to the recovery of wild eel stock in European inland waters. The success of these actions reflect in an increase in the wild eel stock.

The solution   

The solution

By reproducing eel in an aquaculture environment and breed larvae into glass eel, Glasaal Volendam will contribute to the conservation of eel as wild eel stock, delicacy for consumption and as a symbol for the rich Dutch eel history.

Where are we now?   


Where are we now?

With the help of investors and grants we have built a modern aquaculture facility in Volendam.

Our biologists are able to realize fertilization and create large amounts of larvae which are kept alive up until 30 days. In 2018, we’ve reached our 5th milestone, which is one of 8 milestones to realize glass eel. In 2019, we’ve sustained to reach milestone 5 as a routine, so we can consistently grow enough larvae to start the feeding trials.

Glasaal Volendam has commenced the feeding trials and succeeds: we have found larvae that digest food. Although this is a big leap forwards, the optimal diet for eel larvae is still unknown. Our experiments are now focused on increasing larvae production and improving the nutritional value of the diet, to increase chances of survival for larvae. Glasaal Volendam strives to increase the possibility to breed larvae up until the glass eel stage.

The next phase   

The next phase

The primary goal of Glasaal Volendam is to realize the transition to commercial glass eel production. The market for glass eel consumption is estimated at 500.000 kilogram per year. Furthermore, the demand for glass eel has exceeded the supply for the last 40 years on, which will increase even more due to the rising prosperity in Asia and the related increase in demand for delicacies, like eel.

To realize our goals, money is needed for research at least until 2022. In 2022 we expect the first realization of glass eel.

While the researchers of Glasaal Volendam B.V. are gathering knowledge and experience, fundraising is the main goal for the board of Glasaal Volendam B.V.  To this end we would like to get in contact with substantial parties who might be interested to join our cause.


Want to contribute to the recovery of the eel stock?

Are you a proponent of sustainable eel through aquaculture?

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 Who we are


The board:
Carlo Binken (Chairman)
Hein Koning (Finance)
Hein Schilder (Facility & IT)
Alex Schilder (IT & Marketing)
Dirk Tuip (Marketing & Communication)
Evert Smit (Human Resources)
Nico M. van Straalen(Science & Innovation)


Rick Leemans, MSc.
Aquaculture biologist


Camillo Rosso, MSc.
Aquaculture biologist


W.J.F.M. van Beek
Former mayor of Edam-Volendam
Commissioner at Glasaal Volendam

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“Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st century” 


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